CBY Appliances

CBY Appliance Overview

CBY Appliances provides server appliance hardware engineering services for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). We provide the engineering, manufacturing, branding, logistics and technical services for our hardware appliances so you can focus on innovating your application.

Building an appliance is no easy task. Specialized skills are needed to create the perfect hardware appliance, test it, validate its performance, certify it for deployment, manage supply chain and logistics and oversee the product lifecycle. For a vast majority of software companies, the fundamental problem is not having the expertise and dedicated resources needed to build and maintain a hardware-based deployment program.

Our job is to remove the burden and frustration of dealing with hardware so you can focus on developing your applications. We work with your team to optimize your application performance by designing custom engineered hardware appliance systems or embedded platforms, using the industry's most advanced technology. CBY Appliances acts as an extension of your technology team working behind the scenes to execute your hardware program, from designing, configuring and branding your systems to managing your global logistics and support.

Why an Appliance

Ease of

Software Vendors are turning to hardware-based appliances because they are more secure, easy to install and maintain, and optimized for application performance.

Built for

Appliance hardware matches the requirements of the application, ensuring that performance is good and there is no resource competition from other software on a shared serve

Maintenance & Support

Unified hardware platform greatly improves system reliability and simplifies support and compatibility issues